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Dear members of Holy Trinity & St. James,

God' peace in the Lord Jesus to you.

Holy Communion is now availabe at both Churches (Holy Trinity via indoor service and in-car drive-in service; St. James in-sanctuary).  Schedule: 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays of the month at both congregations.  So come, taste and see that the Lord is good! (See Psalm 34:8)

PLEASE NOTE: Unless a member of our congregation is truly unable to commune (examples of this: living/working in a foreign country where there are no Lutheran Churches around with which we are in fellowship, dwelling in a convalescent home that is currently closed to me as a pastor due to COVID-19, living/working in an area of the country where there is no LCMS congregation nearby), he or she should, BY ALL MEANS, SEEK TO BE COMMUNED IN SOME WAY.  It is understandable that COVID-19 limits some of our members from attending and communing on Sunday mornings.  However, there is really NO reason why any of our members SHOULD NOT be communing at all during this time; that is, until things return to normal - whenever/if ever that may be.  Here are several ways members who are high-risk or understandably concerned about the novel coronovirus can safely commune:

1) At Holy Trinity, Fedor, on Sunday mornings (8:30 AM) in the safety and comfort of your own vehicle.  The service is live over the radio on Fedor grounds (95.3 FM), and Holy Communion is given via a pre-filled wine-cup, bread attached.  This option should cover most everybody.

2) I would be glad to commune anyone - masked, gloved, everything sanitized - here at Church in private.  This could take place in the sanctuary or out by your vehicle.  Please let me know beforehand for either option. (Text or call me at 979.540.7973 to arrange this.)

3) I would be glad also to commune anyone of you - masked, gloved, everything sanitized - in your home in private, or at whatever location you choose. (Text or call me at 979.540.7973 to arrange this.) 

Once more, permit me to strongly encourage all members to faithfully receive the Sacrament and to NOT avoid it, which is harmful to the soul of the Christian - particularly for a prolonged period.

Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Meyer

    PO Box 247
    Lexington, Texas 78947
    PH: 979.773.2634

    We are two conservative, confessional Lutheran churches of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, who, in faithfulness toward God, gather around His Holy Word and Sacraments.

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